Anti-hail nets for orchards and vineyards

Intensive fruit and vineyard growing, floriculture and gardening depend on the climatic conditions to a large extent. To defend crops from ice became one of the imperatives in the modern fruit growing business. The anti hail system gets installed into a wooden or concrete construction anchored into the grownd by cables.


  • Protection nets
  • Posts
  • Protectice caps
  • Protective side caps
  • Clamps florina
  • Clamps češalj
  • Clamps standard
  • Big anchor
  • Small anchor
  • Steel cables /10, 8, 6, 4 mm/
  • Loops /10, 6 mm/
  • Zink wire /2, 3, 4 mm/
  • Ring /90 mm/
  • "S" hook
  • "U"nails
  • Zink nails


  • It creates a prosperous microclimate in the plantation
  • It prevents plantation damages
  • Favourable price
  • Use of domestic (croatian) products


The posts are impregnated by volmanit ckb fluid solution 4,20%, under pressure of 8-10 bars, and afterwards subdued to the process of salt fixation during 28 days, through which it becomes indissoluble by rain, moisture, wind and sun.