Anti-hail nets for orchards and vineyards

Intensive fruit and vineyard growing, floriculture and gardening depend on the climatic conditions to a large extent. To defend crops from ice became one of the imperatives in the modern fruit growing business. The anti hail system gets installed into a wooden or concrete construction anchored into the grownd by cables.


Grennhouses (tunnels) - possability to buy grennhouses in parts...

Natural juices

VVZ Florina produces natural apple juice made through pressing and pasteurization of apples. The apples (idared, jonagold, granny smith, golden delicious, florina, braeburn) are picked in the family Ledinski's fruit orchard on the slopes of Bilogora hills. Through combination of varieties a high-quality natural juice without added suger is gained. Antioxidants are present through the ascorbin acid. The juice is packed in bottles of 0,2 l, 1 l and in big boxes of 5 l and 10 l, which are also particularly suitable packages for hotels and restaurants.