Frost hunter H-210 (Hunterfrost H-210)

HunterFrost H-210To be applied for prevention of frost damage in fruit, vegetable and flower growing in the open spaces, and as air heater in greenhouses and closed spaces. It consists of a gas turbine powered by a tractor of minimum power of 48 kW via propeller with max. 540 r/min. Gas turbine expands the hot air 140 meters in width and 70 meters on each side. Gas consumption amounts to 30 - 40 kg/hour; theHittner machine carries 6 bottles, 35 kg each, and can operate 6 hours without a break. It can cover the area of 4 - 8 ha. A drive plan has to be developed, as it has to come to the same place every 8-12 minutes. The machines has good results at temperatures up to -7°C.

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Prevention of frost damages in fruit, vegetable and flower growing.


  • Covers an area 4-8 ha
  • Low costs and easy to handle

Technical features

Length 4100 mm
Width 1650 mm
Height 1670 mm
Weight /without gas/ 935 kg
Maximum capacity 4 - 8 ha
Working speed 4 - 8 km/hour
Aisles distance 50 - 80 m
Average gas consumption 30 - 40 kg/sat
Safety standards EEG/EC
Number of gas bottles 6
Test temperatures -5 do -7 in specific phases of flowering
Minimum required power 48 kW

Frost hunter - Video

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Frost hunter presentation on Croatian national tv channel (HRT)